Take IT to the Next Level.

Geek4Cheap provides computer services to small businesses. Types of service include: Managed IT, networking, surveillance, custom builds & website design for industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and office buildings. Our business clients are most interested in two things, time and money.  So we offer several ways to handle those needs.

Key Benefits to Managed IT Services

Data Protection

Network Security

Peace of Mind


We install long distance ethernet cables to wall jacks, access points or wherever needed for buildings up to 30,000 square feet. Beside running cables, we also install network racks and cabinet equipment. How we communicate within our local network and the internet are important keys to security, speed and reliability of our workflow.


We install and configure POE surveillance systems from top to bottom. Having the right equipment along with professional installation insures the system will run smooth for years to come. We focus on warehouse and office installations.

custom built pc's

We build desktop PC’s that custom fit your needs. Having computers custom built for your business is the best route to take to insure the computer will keep up with the work that needs to get done. Our computers run faster and are built with higher quality parts at a lower price than what you can buy at your local retail store.

Standard Rates

Our standard rates are for those who need service now. We charge hourly, unless the job is time consuming.

Managed IT Rates

For companies ready to take IT to the next level, we provide reliable tech support at a fraction of the cost.

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